Good Lines of Communication with Roxwell

Value in construction begins with pricing, but it also entails the ability to quickly mobilise and manage projects for better quality and shorter schedules. That's why Roxwell has meant value in construction on hundreds of projects since 1988. And it's also why it can consistently offer better value for your construction pound.

Roxwell is committed to the success of its clients, with the company's quality workmanship coming second only to its dedication to fairness, honesty, and exceptional service.

Roxwell's client-base is diverse, ranging from banks and breweries to large development companies, health authorities and schools. Indeed, its capabilities are broad, and its goal is to make challenging and unique projects go smoothly. Roxwell take responsibility for the quality of every job and eagerly approach each project as an opportunity to create innovative solutions.

With Roxwell, clients receive the attention and expertise of a tight, highly experienced top management team. Roxwell principals are directly involved in each project, enabling faster decisions to be made and better service to clients. In the pre-construction phase, Roxwell thoroughly review estimates and plans, seeking ways to build more efficiently. During construction, the company monitors progress on a daily basis to expedite project completion.

Perhaps the main factor in a successful contract is communication, and this is something that Roxwell is renowned for. Little wonder, then, that the company wins much of its work through repeat business and recommendation.

With Roxwell you can expect quality management and management of quality.
The same level of attention given to deadlines and details is used to maintain the highest level of materials and construction. It's used to ensure full Health & Safety compliance too, with the company employing Health & Safety consultants to maintain high standards on-site.

Ultimately, Roxwell measure the success of a project by the satisfaction of the client, both during the process and with the finished product. This success is ensured by closely following and keeping the client informed on deadlines, budget, and unique and specific requirements. Or to sum up in one word - communication!




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